A selection of journalistic gems, roughly in order of the most recently published.





For The Observer:

Senior Tory Francis Maude and the sub-prime profit, 03/05/09

There are many drugs that help people get out of their minds yet stay within the law, 26/04/09

Government considers ban on ‘legal highs’, 26/04/09

Tamil hunger striker ‘could die in a week’, 26/04/09





For Mirror.co.uk:

Silly smuggling attempts: Mirror.co.uk Top 10, 04/03/09

Gordon Brown all made up to meet Barack Obama, 03/03/09





For The Daily Telegraph:

Small businesses at risk after councils ignore Government pleas to pay invoices within 10 days, 26/01/09

Cadbury’s new advert to follow drumming gorilla debuts on Celebrity Big Brother, 23/01/09


For The Manchester Evening News:.

Sharleen: Solo with soul, 16/01/09

Scandal of easy credit in stores and Fill in a form and start spending, 09/01/09






For The Belfast Telegraph:

Repossession fears soar, 23/12/08 (front page)

Hospitals braced for a rat invasion, 22/12/08 (front page)

Boy, 7, kicks off global dictionary row, 18/12/08

Man’s body found in Lagan after 48-hour hunt, 17/12/08

£1m bill for repairs after an ambulance crash every week, 12/12/08

Free bacon sarnies mark pork’s return to Northern Ireland menu, 10/12/08


For journalism.co.uk:

Do not forget about ‘off-the-street’ whistleblowers, says Phillip Knightley, 26/11/08


For The Wandsworth Borough News:

Library fines hit £100k, 21/11/08






For The Evening Standard:

Security guards keep football players safe, 03/11/08





For The Times and The Sunday Times:

The toothbrush fairy: a £3,000 council non-job, 19/04/09

Top ten ways to keep your reputation intact, 03/10/08


For The Cambridge News:

Flame of an ancient art kept alive in blow zone, 16/09/08







For The Financial Times:

Making Gartmore sweat more, 13/06/08

Crisis causes cautious mood, 13/04/08

Star with a following, 10/12/07


For Investment Adviser:

Dalton first to provide Pakistan-focused fund, 09/06/08

Luckraft owns up to mining stock errors, 19/05/08

Forget supersize, this is humungous, 26/05/08






For The Independent:

ICI under pressure to deliver as suitors line up, 30/04/07

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