If you’re tired of the multitude of polls being commissioned by newspapers in advance of the Norwich North by-election, consider this simpler measure of popularity.

The Twitter campaign to save Brown’s premiership (keepbrownasmp) has a meagre 122 followers compared to more than 2,000 followers for a demonic incarnation of the PM who claims to be guilty of war crimes and a second Great Depression.

This is despite Prime_Minister’s rather unlikely bouts of honesty that include

I am the One Eyed Monster not fit for my job!


I want to dig a hole and hide from the public. I am ashamed of my failure in public office.

Separately the BBC also recently advertised a job for a political researcher with expertise in the “policies and personalities” of the Conservative party. Clearer tea leaves than any Mori forecast, I’d say.


Sunday Times

I wrote a fun piece for the Sunday Times this weekend looking at how filesharing sites like btjunkie and RapidShare are already filling up with pirate copies of ebooks. With the Sony Reader and Amazon’s (US-only) Kindle 2.0 flying off the shelves, publishers areĀ facing an inevitable battle with bootleggers.

You can read the full article here.